All of our lungs can use a little extra love this time of the year, especially with all of coughs and colds going around this week.

✨Asian Pear aka Apple Pear✨

Pears are considered cold in nature. Asian pears are used by Traditional Chinese medicine to detoxify, regenerate body fluids, dissolve mucus, quench thirst, relieve restlessness, promote urination,promote overall skin health, lubricate the throat, relieve a cough, and heal a hoarse throat.

If you have a sore throat and cough try this soothing Pear Tea Recipe:

1. Cut up 1 pear (ideally a snow pear or Asian pear. If not, a barlett pear should be fine)
2. Boil enough water to cover the pear
3. Simmer the pear pieces about 15 minutes
4. If you have a lot of clear to light white phlegm, add ginger slices and tangerine or pomelo peel while simmering (fresh). If you have a dry cough or dry throat, skip this step. If you have yellow or green phlegm, go to see your TCM doctors and get other, more specialized herbs.
5. Drink the tea. You can eat the pear too if you want!