Dr. Kara loves working with children.  She uses a very gentle, non-needle technique called Shonishin, a Japanese style of pediatric acupuncture. This is an extremely safe and effective treatment with the goal of rebalancing the energy of the body, stimulating specific areas to trigger self-healing energy. This treatment is often combined with gentle massage, nutritional guidance, herbal formulas, magnetic therapy, and supplements. Children enjoy the treatments and respond very well.



Dr. Kara regularly treats the following conditions in children in her clinical practice:

·      Asthma
·      Allergies
·      Cough
·      Digestive Health
·      Ear Aches
·      Eye Condition s
·      Hyperactivity/ ADHD
·      Immune Enhancement
·      Puberty: Balancing hormones and Menstruation
·      Skin Conditions/ Eczema
·      Enuresis
·      Respiratory Issues